Denise Stephenson

    Aout myself

    Hello my name is Denise Stephenson and I am one of the Foreign Language Teachers at Southeast Middle School in Kernersville. I have been teaching for 16 years. 6 years of High School in the Boston Public School System, 3 years at Whitaker and Cook Elementary Schools in Winston Salem and this is my  7th year here at Southeast Middle. My degrees include a Minor in Spanish, a BS in Criminal Justice, and a Masters in Education, all of which were obtained in Boston Massachusetts. I also served 8 1/2 years in the ARMY NATIONAL GUARD, so I'm big on discipline.  You may contact me @ DMSTEPHENSON@WSFCS.K12.NC.US

    Homework /Classwork

    Homework is given as a review and individual practice method for the lesson learned during that day. Generally, homework will not take students more than 15 minutes per assignment to complete. All completed, on time  assignments regardless of accuracy will receive 100% for the effort. Homework assignments are posted in the classroom. Any homework assignment that is not completed during homework check, will receive 60% for that homework grade. 80% for late or incomplete assignments. Every student should be studying Spanish vocabulary daily.  Class assignments that are not completed in class, are to be completed before the next class.  All homework and classwork are to be done in student's Spanish notebook with the day's date on it, unless they were given a worksheet for the assignment. There is NO Extra Credit.


    It is important that each student come to class with pencils, pens, their spiral Spanish notebook, folder and Spanish Textbook. These are essential items needed on a daily basis for student success. A great resource guide is  "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Learning Spanish" This book is filled with great information that your child can read on his/her own and get a better understanding of the Spanish language in many aspects, however it is not required.  The red and blue Realidades textbooks have a website that is connected to the book. http://phschool.com . Click on the foreign language section and find the book that your child is using. You will need a web code for the particular assignment,and that will be found on various pages. (bottom right hand corner in book)  You and your child will find this site helpful for extra activity, review, tutorials and assessments for each chapter that we cover.


    Summative assessments will weigh 1 whole point , compared to class and home assignments which are 1/2 a point due to everyday practice, formative assessing and continued drilling of content
    . Expect an occasional pop quiz.