• Welcome to Southeast Middle School!
    Super Nova
    Hello! We will have a great year!  For this year, I will be teaching Math 8 and Math 1 classes.  Here is the link to the Standard Course of Study as directed by the Department of Public Instruction.  You will have homework each night. I will have a calculator for you to use in class and you will need to have one at home as well.
    My email address is   jtrace@wsfcs.k12.nc.us


     1 3-ring clearview binder for Math(1 1/2")

    1 package of dividers

    notebook paper

    pencil pouch


    * Twistable colored pencils (12 pack) by Crayola are wonderful! Never need sharpening and should last all year!!!!

    glue or glue stick


    Eighth Grade Expectations

    Follow all school procedures listed in your agenda book.

    Respect others and yourself (feelings, space and property).

    Keep your hands to yourself!

    Be on time and prepared for instruction (homework, books, pencils, paper,

      a positive attitude and any necessary materials).

    Work quietly.

    Raise your hand when needing to speak and/or leave your seat with

    teacher permission.

    Always do your best!



    Please see the calendar for each night's homework assignment!