• Name: Leslie Ring
    Subject: Art

    Teaching Experience 

    I teach art at Southeast Middle School. I have a B.A. in art and I am AP certified.  This will be my 18th year teaching art.  I love  painting, clay sculpture, pottery and making jewelry. I have two sons that attended Southeast Middle. Southeast is a great school . I look forward to teaching art in the  2013-14 school year. My room # is 402

                                   Students  will need a sketchpad or a folder with pockets. Students should bring a pencil everyday!
                              All donations are greatly appreciated!!! 
    I need....
    Black sharpies, glue sticks, elmers glue, yarn, rulers, scissors, Magazines ,buttons,beads and colored pencils.

    Course Outline
    All art classes will provides a basic understanding of the Elements and Principles of art as emphasized through the production of art, the study of art history, aesthetics and art criticism.


    Classroom Expectations

    All students are expected to follow classroom guidelines and routines.
    Students are expected to complete all assignments on time.
    If absent student can make up work!



    50%=projects, notebook/sketchbook=30%, Particapation=20%

    Art Club

                                            Art club will start in late October and forms will be given to students then. Art club advisors Ms. Ring & Ms. Young