• Mrs. Megan Speziale
    Exploring Family and Consumer Sciences I
    Exploring Family and Consumer Sciences II 
    Career Decisions
    Required materials for class:
     *1 Poly/plastic folder WITH PRONGS and pockets (we will use it all year so please purchase the poly/plastic version so that it will hold up all year)

    Donations Requested:
       *Design magazines
       *Flooring samples
       *Paint chips/swatches
       *Clorox or Lysol wipes
       *Paper towels
       *Gallon-sized ZipLock Bags 
    Big Donations:
    We have several pieces of equipment that need replacement. We have money to purchase them, but that takes away from our food./cooking purchases. If you can donate any of these items, it would help us tremendously. We cook 3rd quarter.
    3 new blenders 
    2 new electric griddles
    1 new electric skillet 
    New rubber scrapers
    New wooden spoons
    New plastic spatulas