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     2020 Southeast Middle School Girls Soccer Tryout Results 

    Cameron Casas

    Addison Clouthier

    Maya Coles

    Helen Granados

    Charlise Grimes

    Layla Hartman

    Anika McDowell

    Lillian Smith

    Kirin Stewart

    Elizabeth Dykes

    Chloe Martinez

    Alex Warren

    Summer Warren

    Audrey Smith

    Naydelin Colon

    Alyssa Mazzarella

    Sadee Halstead

    Mackenzie Potter-Alternate

    Lyla Roscoe-Alternate

    Sage Donahue-Alternate

    Jessalynn Nickles-Alternate

    If your name is listed above congratulations you are a member of the 2020 SEMS Girls Soccer Team!  If your name is listed as an Alternate you will practice with the team however you will not play in games.  Alternates are always eligible to move up to the active roster later in the season.  Please be prepared to practice tomorrow from 2-4pm.  Always be prepared to tryout in the gym or outside. (cleats/indoor shoes)


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    Sport News and Information from our SEMS Physical Education Department


    Any student interested in trying out for interscholastics should get a physical before school starts. Must include insurance information. Physicals and Athletic Packets need to be turned in by the due date for each sport season. Students must also sign up online on the Athletic Interest Form by the same due date. The Athletic Packet can be downloaded from the Athletic Forms link on the athletic website.
    Athletic Eligibility: Student eligibility will be checked each quarter. In order to be eligible for sports, students must not be absent more than 10 days (excused or not) in an academic semester. Students must also not recieve more than one F in an academic semester. Eligibility is based off the previous semester, however, if a student receives one failing grade they will be placed on academic probation and be required to attend tutoring to bring up the grade. If a student receives two failing grades, students will become ineligible to participates in school sports for one academic year. 

    Interscholastic athletes must have an updated physical and insurance forms and concussion forms in order to try out. These are the same forms found on the Athletic Forms page. If a student has submitted these forms to the Athletic Director, THIS SCHOOL YEAR, they do not need to resubmit forms. 

    If you have questions, contact the Athletic Director,  
    Nick Pizzino at: npizzino@wsfcs.k12.nc.us Welcome to the SEMS Sport's Zone! 

    Sport News and Information from our SEMS Physical Education Department
Last Modified on March 9, 2020