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    Hola amigos, I am Fábio Almeida, your Spanish teacher. This is my sixth year here at Walkertown, and my 27th year as a teacher. After all of these years, I continue to love teaching because I know that I am making a difference in making the world a better place for ALL of us.

    Yes, it does take the whole village to educate our children well. This tremendous responsibility cannot be left only in the hands of the teachers; we all share the duty of teaching our children to become successful, productive and happy members of our society. The job of educating the children is the responsibility of the parents and other family members, also the churches, schools, and civil organizations, in addition, the political leaders, sport’s figures, etc. and of course the teacher. It is our privilege and our obligation to teach not only the state mandate curriculum but also to teach the children to be respectful of themselves and others; to be honest and helpful, to believe in themselves and to develop good values. We must encourage and empower our students, to take part in creating a safe and supportive society. We must help them to see, that diversity and different points of view are fundamental in the development of our understanding of life and in the creation of a peaceful and prosperous community. We have to help our children to develop thinking skills like: critical and analytical thinking, drawing conclusions, make difficult choices etc. so that they will understand that they are also responsible for their own learning.

    I am looking for a great year, and with your help, we will do well for our children.

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Last Modified on August 18, 2015