• Name: Himanshu Baloria
    Subject: 6th Grade Math
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    Welcome to Mrs.Baloria's 6th Grade Math class

    About Me

    I am a stong disciplinarian who believes in providing a structured classroom environment to all my kids.  One of my teaching goals is to prepare all my students for the real world. I do it in the classroom by giving them hands on and real world math problems to deal with.  My major requirement from them is to come prepared to my class with all their materials.  Students have to come up with a Math and Science Portfolio by the end of the school year.  For this, I give them descriptive and detailed notes.  I use the Math and Science textbook as a reference.  Students need to be extremely organised for my class and I help them throughout the First Quater with that.  They also learn to manage time wisely and effectively while doing the aforementioned.  I am in the process of preparing for the upcoming 6th grade class. I am looking forward to a productive and exciting year working with you and your child.  I firmly believe that if you and I work together as a team your child will develop more confidence in his/her mathematical abilities.  This is highly recommended for their success.  I thank you in anticipation for giving me the opportunity to enrich the lives of your children.