Beginnings of Human Society to the Emergence of the First Global Age (1450)

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     Sixth Graders are AWESOME!
    Social Studies

    I am Janet Foster andI love to teach sixth graders!  I taught many subjects and grade levels over the years and sixth grade social studies has got to be my favorite! So welcome to our world of discovering, using and applying new information with older treasures we have  already learned.

             I bring a lot of energy to my teaching because I frequently find new ways to solve today’s problems by looking back in history to see how we got them initially. Only through studying the past can we truly appreciate what we have now. 
             At the beginning of the year, we will be focusing on the Five Themes of Geography. Students will explore the definitions of each of these themes, as well as examples for each one. We will determine how these themes affect our choices in life: Where we live, how we live and what skills are needed to overcome obstacles. 
             Looking at today’s situations through the lens of culture, people and events of long ago will be a major thrust for this course of study. I am less concerned about my students learning dates and facts, as I am interested the “big picture” and themes of the past and how they are relate to us today.

    All of this learning will be much easier to acquire if you are prepared for class, have your information organized and are willing to think “outside the box”(critically).




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