• Mr. Robert Stickney
    Science/Social Studies
    Walkertown Middle School
    (336) 595-2161
    Welcome                                    Microscope
    Welcome to Mr. Stickney's Science/Social Studies Class.  This year we have already studied Africa and Southwest Asia in Social Studies.  And in Science we have learned about Genetics and Body Systems.  In this final semester we will focus on Force and Motion, and Weather in Science, and we will continue our study of South Asia, China, Japan, Australia in Social Studies. With all the added Quarter Tests and Writing Tests this year I have had to adapt scheduling and eliminated some of the projects I had planned.  However, every effort will be made to keep students safe in a great learning environment.  The syllibus for science and Social Studies are found in the Documents page.  If you need to contact me at anytime this year be sure to email or phone.