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    Harry C Morley Jr.
    "We are a literacy event !"
    Literacy Event
     About Myself!

    My name is Harry C Morley Jr. I have taught for almost twenty-four years. I have my Masters in Education and my National Board Certification. As a teacher I have a vast array of educational experiences. Based upon my reflection on those experiences I have come to one very powerful conclusion. Exposing children to the written word through the reading and the writing process is the most important factor in predicting future academic success.

    "Every lesson: Steam Projects, BRING Your Own Device events, Problem Based Learning Solutions, Socrative and Infuselearning responses, Social Studies, Science, Math, and Language Arts, in our Classroom is a literacy event."

     "It boils down to this, practice, experience, real world application and reflection make better readers and writers." 

    Where is Mr Morley? 
    Venice Italy ....The Grand Canal                       Florence Italy the Dome                           Rome Italy the Colosseum Pompeii Italy                   
    STEAM In action!!!!
    Skyscraper Design Process.  The Building process
    The Building process  The Earthquake Process  The Evaluating Process  


    How do we make build a skyscraper that will be strong enough to with stand a "Wolf-quake?"

    Students applied the STEAM principles to  research, design, build, analyze and evaluate their own skyscrapers under simulated earthquake conditions. This was a STEAM extension activity of The True Story of The Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka. The results are published using Powtoons.com on my STEAM Multimedia page in this website. 

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