• Name:  James C. Green
    Subject:  English 101
    Contact info: Early College of Forsyth 336-757-3290 
    Office Location Ardmore Hall 222 Office Hours 7:45-8:15 (or by appointment)
    Students in English I explore the ways that audience, purpose, and context shape oral communication, written communication, and media and technology. While emphasis is placed on communicating for purposes of personal expression, students also engage in meaningful communication for expressive, informal, and argumentative, in literary purposes.
    Students in the honors course will explore literature more widely and deeply, including more challenging and/or complete print and on print texts. The honors English course fosters intellectual curiosity by encouraging students to generate thought-provoking questions and topics, and to research diverse sources. Honors courses will require students to work as self-directed and reflective learners, both independently and as learners and collaborators in groups. Higher level thinking skills will be emphasized through interdisciplinary and critical perspectives as reflected in the quality performance, written language, and other media/technology.