• Name: Mr. Hellinger
    Subject: mathematics
    About Myself:
    I enjoy teaching math and seeing my students each day.  2014-2015 will be a great school year!  I am excited our 6th grade math curriculum, STEAM, and PBL (problem based learning).  This new curriculum will be a challenge for students and teachers.  Teachers continue to transition to being facilitators of learning.  The teacher's mission is to help the students to thing creatively, to discover new methods for solving math problems, and to acquire and apply math knowledge.  Students will then build upon this newly acquired knowledge to make more discoveries and additional applications in the real world.  Together our efforts can make for a very successful school year.  We are a community of learners.  We build that community through cooperative learning, by following PAWS at Wiley.  Our PAWS core values are: Always be Prepared, have an A+ attitude, Work responsibly, and Show respect.  I ask that my students to be 100% focused, give maximum effort, and do there very best each day. This is my 9th year teaching math at Wiley Middle School, my 13th year teaching  math in Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools. My other interests and activities are church, family, music, swimming, and tennis.