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    Physical Education: Wiley Middle School



    General Rules:


    • For your safety and the safety of others when you enter the gym report directly to your squad line.


    • If there is equipment laying out when you enter the gym, DO NOT touch it unless you have been given permission from your teacher.


    • Students are not allowed inside the equipment room.


    • Students should never leave the gym without permission; this includes the water fountain and bathroom.


    • For safety reasons you will never be given permission to return to the main building once you arrive to gym class without a valid reason.


    • Do not pull the bleachers out unless you are instructed to do so by your teacher. You are not allowed to sit, climb, push, or go up under the bleachers if they re pulled out.


    • Do NOT eat, drink or chew gum in the gym. If you have a condition in which you must snack during the class time day please discuss this matter with you teacher.


    • Students never bring purses, cell phones, ipods, CD players or video games into the gym. They should be locked up in your hall or gym locker. If they are seen out they will be taken and taken to the office for your parent/guardian to pick up.


    • Do not use drink machines during the school day.


    • If your shoes become wet and dirty after an outdoor activity, please clean them off outside and NOT in the gym lobby, sinks or water fountains.


    • The school tardy policy will be enforced. You should be inside the locker rooms when the tardy bell rings. 


    Dress Code:


    • Jean shorts, hats, scarves, dew rags, tank tops (wife beaters), cropped shirts, mid drifts and shirts with spaghetti straps are not allowed.
    • All students are expected to change into appropriate physical education attire. Athletic shorts and a t-shirt may be brought from home to wear to class. Shorts must be fingertip length. Do not roll your shorts up.
    • Borrowing a black pair of WMS shorts is an option for those who forget to bring the appropriate attire. However; they must be turned in at the end of each class to avoid being billed.
    • Tennis shoes must be worn. Always wear shoes to class that you do not mind getting dirty and/or wet.
    • At the end of class, all students should dress back into their SMOD clothes.


    Grading Policy:


    Health 50% of final grade

    Physical Education 50% of final Grade


    Physical Education


    Students receive 20pts per day over a five day period they receive a total of 100 pts.  It will be put into Power School as Week 1, Week 2, Week 3…..points per day:


    1. Student does not dress out minus 20pts because he/sh cannot participate
    2. Student dresses for class but does not participate minus 20pts
    3. Student does not wear tennis shoes minus 5pts
    4. Student only participates half of the class period minus 10 pts


    Example: On day 1 Ronald does not participate so he is minus 20pts for the day; however, if he participates all of the other four days he earns 80 pts for the week.


    Health Education


    If students complete the assigned class work they get an A if they do not they will earn an F. In Health most of our work is collaborative and done in groups. The test given at the end of the lesson will be graded based on the number of right or wrong answers.


    Make Up


    Students will be allowed to make up a missed day of class by completing a one page paper for each day missed on the current unit or on any subject related to health and fitness. For health class they will be allowed to make up assignments completed in class. Students will have two weeks to make up the work once they have returned to class.