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    How to Play Sports at Wiley?


    Required Participation Forms:

    Forms that need to be completed in order to play sports at Wiley:

    Intramural Permission Slip


    Insurance Requirement:

    Students must be insured to participate in athletics.  If you do not have your own insurance, you can purchase insurance through the school system.  

    School Insurance Form


    Code of Sportsmanship:

    Code of Sportsmanship: - lt is recognized that public school interscholastic athletic events should be conducted in such a manner that good sportsmanship prevails at all times. Every effort should be made to promote a climate of wholesome competition. Unsportsmanlike acts will not be tolerated. A player is under the coach's control from the time they arrive at the athletic field until they leave the field. The penalties listed in the North Carolina High School Athletic Association Handbook and the WS/FCS Sportsmanship ejection policy will be adhered to for an athlete ejected from an athletic contest.


    Middle School Athletic Participation Requirements:

    Protect Your Eligibility; Know the Rules: To represent your school in athletics, YOU:

    1. Must be a properly enrolled student at the time you participate, must be enrolled no later than the 15th day of the present semester, and must be in regular attendance at that school.
    2. Must not be absent more than 1O days in a semester to be eligible for participation in interscholastic athletic activities during the next semester.
    3. Must pass ALL his/her courses and earn a 1.75 grade point average the previous nine-week grading period.
    4. A student shall not participate on a 7th or 8th grade team if the student becomes 15 years of age on or before October 16 of that year.
    5. Must live with your parents or legal custodian within the school administrative unit (exceptions must be  approved by your principal. A student is eligible if he has attended school within that unit the previous two (2 semesters (if eligible in all other respects).
    6. Must be present for a minimum of 5O% of the student day on the day of an athletic contest in order to participate the event.
    7. Must have received a medical examination by a licensed physician within the past 365 days; if you miss five (5) or more days of practice due to illness or injury, you must receive a medical release before practicing or playing.
    8. Must not accept prizes, merchandise, money, or anything that can be exchanged for money as a result of athletic participation. This includes being on a free list or loan list for equipment, etc.
    9. May not receive team instructions from your school's coaching staff during the school year outside your sports season (from first practice through final games). Instruction is limited to coach and one or multiple participants in small group settings.
    10. May not, as an individual or a team, practice or play during the school day (from first practice through conference tournament).
    11. May not play, practice, or assemble as a team with your coach on Sunday.
    12. May not dress for a contest, sit on the bench, or practice if you are not eligible to participate.
    13. Must not play more than three 3) games in one sport per week (exceptions: Baseball, Softball, and Volleyball); and not more than one (1) contest per day in the same sport (exceptions: Baseball, Softball, and Volleyball).
    14. May attend only those summer camps to which you or your parents paid the fees.


Last Modified on October 24, 2019