• Mr. HardyRigor, Relevance and Relationship are the principles that the Atkins School of Biotechnology was founded on. Being a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) school, we certainly provide a curriculum that is relevant for the community that we live in. My staff works hard to be creative and teach beyond the traditional classroom. They both challenge and support our students in a rigorous fashion to propel them to success. By being a small school, we also know our students and engage them and encourage them throughout their time here.
    It is the partnership between the teachers, the parents, and the students that creates the best learning environment for all. I encourage and welcome interactions among these groups and with myself to constantly improve on what we are doing here. Please feel free to call upon me and my staff whenever you have questions and concerns about the curriculum or the learning environment. It is only we work together that we can truly achieve excellence.