• BiotechThe Biotechnology strand prepares students for the emerging biotechnology industry.  Students will receive training using the latest research, equipment and procedures from biotechnology. Students will learn how to extract DNA, manipulate its components, and isolate its products.  They will be introduced to good manufacturing practices, biochemistry, immunology and pharmacology in their coursework.  Students will also have opportunities for work-based learning through our biotechnology business partners. 
    Med SciThe Medical Science strand will prepare students for careers as healthcare workers in an advanced technical or professional health career and support positions in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. Emphasis in the classroom is placed on research, communication, computer literacy, health team relations, problem-solving, and decision making. Students in this pathway will spend 60+ hours in a mentoring relationship with a health care professional during their senior year. They will become proficient in using on-line resources such as retrieving and archiving images for medical research and treatment.