Atkins has a Standard Mode of Dress. Students are expected to be dressed in SMOD until 3:40 pm each day unless they have specific dress requirements for JROTC or Health Occupations. Please review the tabs on the right hand side of the page for more details concerning SMOD, or feel free to visit our FAQ section.
    From time to time, Atkins will have no-SMOD days.  These days usually involve the wearing of jeans with some sort of specially themed shirt or top.   Jeans may not have holes or ripped areas.  They may not sag.  No pajamas at any time.  The tops must represent the advertised theme.  Tops may not be sheer.  They must be long enough to not expose the midriff.  They may not be sleeveless.  See the student handbook for a more in-depth look at the no-SMOD days.  
    All Standard Mode of Dress decisions are subject to the discretion of the Administrative team!