• Name: Angela Palmer
    Subjects: Introductory Mathematics
    Contact info: adpalmer@wsfcs.k12.nc.us  336-661-4880
    Classroom Expectations: Be on time, follow all WS/FCS policies, make-up any missed assignments, put up all cell phones/electronics away when entering the building.  If I take any electronic device during the day, it can be picked up in the main office at the end of the day.
    Rules/Regulations:  Please adhere to all WS/FCS policies.
    Grading Policy:  See individual class syllabi's for grading breakdown and scale.  These documents can be found on the 'classroom documents' page.
    Attendance: It's imperative that you attend school every day.  If you miss a day, that means you've missed work.  Being absent does not exempt you from doing any assignments.  Make-up any missed work in timely manner.