• Bolton Elementary School Improvement Team




    The Bolton Elementary School Improvement Team meets on a monthly basis.  
    SIT members for the 2015-2016 School Year are:
    SIT Chair: Mike Cachia
    Co-Chair: Jennifer Swink
    Principal: Dr. Frazier 
    Assist Principal: Mrs. McBride
    Curriculum Coordinator: Chris Shafer
    Kindergarten: Erica Abondolo
    1st Grade: Deon Brown-Scott
    2nd Grade: Susan VanHoy
    3rd Grade: Jennifer Swink
    4th Grade: Yolanda London
    5th grade: Mike Cachia
    PRT: Vera Fulton
    Guidance; Rinita Williams
    EC: Natalie Massaro
    Connections: Dwight Bryant
    Parent Involvement Coordinator: Alex Canavos
    If you would like to be a parent representative, please contact the front office at 703-4247. 



Last Modified on October 25, 2017