• Name: Sue Bennett
    Subject: ESL- Kindegarten, Primary Reading Teacher- 4th grade 
    Contact info: slbennett@wsfcs.k12.nc.us                                                   


    Hello, I am finishing my 3rd year working at South Fork. This year I taught English as a Second Language in Kindergarten and  Primary Reading with 4th grade. It has been so exciting to see the progress all the students have made. The new curriculum is very intense and the children have met it with great diligence. South Fork has great students and hard working teachers. I hope all the students and their families have a great summer, and are rested and ready for the new school year in the fall.

    My schedule this past year involved 50% of the day teaching the ESL students in Kindergarten, and working 50% of the day as a Primary ReadingTeacher.
    Positive Behavior Intervention Support

    Since I came from a school with Positive Behavior Intervention Support(PBIS) and feel very strongly about its benefits, I was very excited to see South Fork had implemented it . The process these past three years has gone very smoothly and seeing how the children took ownership of it was wonderful. It will be exciting to proceed to the next level of PBIS the next  school year.