•  Local Assessment


    The mission of the Local Assessment Team is to coordinate the preparation and administration of quality benchmark assessments; along with supporting schools in the implementation of professional learning teams (PLT) and the WSFCS Continuous Improvement Model.


    The local assessments provide teachers, students, professional learning teams, and principals with data that can be used formatively to analyze and improve student learning.


    We will support schools in an ongoing cycle of:

    • gathering evidence of current levels of student learning
    • developing strategies and ideas to build on strengths and address weaknesses in that learning
    • implementing those strategies and ideas
    • analyzing the impact of the changes to discover what was effective and what was not
    • applying new knowledge in the next cycle of continuous improvement

     through staff development, coaching and collaboration.


    For further information, please contact Local Assessment at 336.748.4000 ext. 70423