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    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! 
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    Welcome to 2019-2020, a message from your PTA leadership


    Hello Croc Families!  Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  It’s hard to believe summer is over and we are already ramping up for another year.  What’s even harder to believe is that our family is entering our 10th year at the Creek!  We were so fortunate to become part of the Croc family in 2010.  Our girls have been taught by the best of the best and we are so thankful to call the Creek our home. 


    I’m humbled and thankful to be serving as our PTA President this year with such an amazing team.  In order to ensure more efficient board operations and improve communication and decision-making processes, we have substantially expanded our board this year beyond the requirements outlined in the NCPTA bylaws.  In addition to our elected officers and our Principal, we will be joined by several parent volunteers serving in several committee chair positions as well as 12 teachers!  Every grade level and specials classes are represented.  Thank you in advance to EVERYONE for volunteering your time and energy to help our school.


    So, what is this year going to look like?  Well, we cannot let “all” our secrets out just yet, but there are a few things to note as we gear up.  Above all, we are going to substantially enhance our transparency and communication processes this year.  We will be communicating from all of your favorite social media platforms as well as the PTA’s website, our monthly newsletter, and from various locations in the school building. 


    Overall, we have three very simple objectives this year as follows:


    1. Meet school needs as determined from the School Improvement Team (SIT) forum as well as the PTA Board of Directors and feedback from our PTA families and the broader families at our campus.
    2. Have fun while meeting the needs of our school. We believe a balanced approach is important.  We are an Elementary School after all, right?!?!
    3. Keep positive energy and morale in a good place for everyone involved. Our students, parents, guardians, faculty, administration and other support staff work hard all year long, so we must ensure a rewarding experience and positive environment for everyone involved.


    As we finalize our calendar, you will notice a heavy focus on reading activities all throughout the year, some fun fall activities, business spotlights to help raise money for the school and help bolster families with businesses in our community, another Boosterthon with higher profit margins, and so much more!!  Oh, did I forget to mention a major effort is underway to build a new playground for the school?!?  Yes, it’s true.  Stay tuned for additional information on this exciting project.  As you can see, we have a lot going on and these are only a few of the highlights.  We look forward to sharing so much more with you.


    In conclusion, I would like to ask for your help.  We are striving for a high PTA membership rate this year.  In prior years, we have seen only 20% of our school families join the PTA.  We are aiming for at least 75% membership this year.  We have the best of the best at our school and we need to support them.  There will be other opportunities to help throughout the year but joining the PTA as a member is the first step.  Please visit any of our communication platforms or contact us directly for information on how to join and help.


    If you have any questions for the PTA, please email us at pta4calebscreek@gmail.com.  


    Let’s have a GREAT YEAR together!


    Best regards,


    Steve Picard

    Mobile: 336-558-5490

Last Modified on October 27, 2019