• Welcome to Mrs. MacLean's 4th Grade Classroom!
    A little about me....
    I earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from Salem College as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Spanish. I have worked in education since 1999. I currently work as a 4th grade teacher at Walkertown Elementary School.
    I have two amazing, teenage sons, Austin (18) and Alex (15), and a wonderful, and supportive husband. I love animals and find find peace on our farm in Forsyth County. I have been involved with horses since the age of 3 and started formal riding lessons at age 8. I have competed in equestrian events throughout the Southeast including intercollegiate events with the riding team at Salem College, hunter jumper, dressage and AQHA shows, numerous local events and trail rides.  I especially enjoy equine partnership development and communication between horse and rider.and also love colt starting and development.  I have enjoyed working with wild mustangs since 1986 and appreciate their sensitivity and intuition. I am also an equine cruelty investigator and have extensive experience in properly rehabilitating critically starved horses.
    I have dedicated many hours volunteering with local rescues since 1991, helping a variety of different animals from rabbits, greyhounds and cats to guinea pigs, goats, llamas and horses!  I have served as a Regional Director, Lead Cruelty Investigator, Vice President, Co-founder and Founder of local and national animal rescue groups.
    Aside from caring for my variety of animals, I also enjoy reading, traveling, and learning new things. I have lived in North Carolina for most of my life, but I have also lived in Valencia, Spain, St. Louis, MO, and Silver Spring, MD. My most important job, of course, is being a mom to my two teenage boys and wife to my very supportive husband. I love teaching and look forward to inspiring my students to be lifelong learners.
    Classroom Expectations....
    I have very high expectations of my students and know they will rise to meet them. The job of a student is to arrive to class each and every school day with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.They must take responsibility for their own success by arriving to school on-time, with their required materials, completed homework assignments, a good night's rest, and a positive attitude.
    Parents and students should expect approximately an hours worth of homework on school nights. I will never send assignments home that we have not gone over in class. When introducing new concepts/ideas, I present them to students, repeat them with the students, and then assist the students as they practice the new concepts/ideas in class. Only then will I send assignments home for students to practice independently.
    Students are expected to read a minimum of 30 minutes each day and to log what they read. Their reading logs must be monitored and signed by an adult care-giver each week. I will check their logs and record their reading as a part of their reading grade.
    In 4th grade, we usually go on 3 field trips. As part of our 4th grade curriculum, students have the opportunity to go to Raleigh in the Spring for a trip to see our State Capital and various government buildings. We will alert you far in advance of any upcoming field trips so that you can plan accordingly.
    Each Wednesday, you should expect your child to bring home a "Wednesday Folder" that will include any announcements from the school as well as any community fliers that may be of interest for students. You should also expect your child to bring home any graded assignments (classwork, tests, homework, morning work, etc).
    As you know, student progress/grades are now kept online and are available for you to monitor at your convenience. You can even have the student's progress emailed to you in a report each week, if you'd like. In doing this, you can stay on top of any missing assignments, grades, progress, etc.
    Missing work: Students who are absent from school, for any reason, are responsible for collecting any missed work upon their return to school. They are also responsible for turning in late work within 5 days.
    Here is a great article about what parent's and students should expect in 4th grade:
    What to Expect in 4th Grade
    By Miriam Myers

    It is important that your child enters fourth grade reading at grade level with solid comprehension skills. He will be reading across the curriculum in all subjects and will be expected to have a deep understanding of what he reads.

    In math your child will be adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing large whole numbers. She will also be working with decimals and fractions. She will have more homework, book reports and research projects.

    Fourth grade is an exciting time for children to become more responsible and take greater ownership of their learning. Teachers will expect more from your fourth-grader and give him more opportunities to work independently and in groups. You can encourage your child to participate in extra curricular activities during the summer to prepare him to work as a team with other children.

    To prepare for fourth grade, have your child join the library summer reading program or form a neighborhood book club. For math, do cooking projects that require measuring fractional amounts. Continue to teach your child responsibility. Have your child learn to wake up to an alarm clock each morning.

    Every child passes through a range of social, academic and developmental stages at his own pace. Below are some guidelines about what to look forward to in the year ahead.

    Physical and social skills you can expect of your fourth grader:

    • Make more decisions and engage in group decision-making
    • Want to be part of a group
    • Think independently and critically
    • Have empathy
    • Show a strong sense of responsibility

    Academic skills you can expect of your fourth grader:

    • Be able to memorize and recite facts, although she may not have a deep understanding of them
    • Increase the amount of detail in drawings
    • Work on research projects
    • Write a structured paragraph with an introductory topic sentence, three supporting details and a closing sentence that wraps up the main idea of the paragraph.
    • Write a five-paragraph paper
    • Use a range of strategies when drawing meaning from text, such as prediction, connections and inference
    • Understand cause and effect relationships
    • Add and subtract decimals, and compare decimals and fractions
    • Multiply multi-digit numbers by two-digit numbers (26 x 5,348)
    • Divide larger multi-digit numbers by one-digit numbers (1215 / 3)
    • Determine the area of two-dimensional shapes
    • Have a greater understanding of the concept of fairness
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