• Jennifer Jones
    First Grade
    4700 Old Hollow Road
    Kernersville, NC 27284
    Dear Parents:
    It is my pleasure to be your child's teacher.  It will be an exciting and fun year for all of us.  To help you and your child get started on a good year, I would like to fill you in on some of the procedures in our classroom.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns!  Let's have a great year PHILOSOPHY I expect all the students to turn in their best work each and every time.  We learn from mistakes and we all encounter things that are difficult.  My only request is for each child to try his or her BEST!  Student achievement is a priority focus in our classroom and hard work is a must. On all the work the students do, be it math, reading, writing, or art, I expect neatness.I want them to take pride in their work.
    1. Listen carefully to the teacher.
    2. Follow directions the first time given.
    3. Work quietly.  Do not disturb others who are working.
    4. Respect others and school property.  Use kind words and actions.
    5. Work and play safely.  Work hard, participate, and do your best.
    In our classroom we have a behavior clip chart.  Each child has a clip.  I expect all my students to follow the rules that we have posted to make our classroom a safe and productive learning environment.  We always try to focus on positive behaviors that should be displayed.  Each day the student will start off the day on Ready to Learn.  The students who are making wise choices will get to move a clip up to purple!  This is a special treat.  I always give a verbal warning and redirect their behavior before any clips move.  If they continue to choose not to follow the class rule, they will be asked to move a clip down to the next level.  They students also have the chance to earn a clip back up the chart if they decide to improve the behavior as the day goes on.  PLEASE be sure to initial the behavior log each day. The consequences for each level are:
    :) Ready to Learn-      Super Student/Followed classroom rules and brought completed homework.
    1 Warning-                 Warning
    2 Consequence-          Walk for 10 minutes of recess
    3 Office/Contact        Walk the entire time at recess (No playing) and phone home, note home, or visit to principal
    **Fighting, hitting, and bullying are NOT tolerated, and will automatically be referred to the principal. The same goes with any unsafe behavior to self and others.  We have many positive rewards for good behavior such as stamps, opportunities to be a helper, cheers, specific praise, free time, and positive notes sent home.
    This is a very important part of our first grade literacy expectation.  All year long sight words will be sent home each week on Monday.  There will be homework on Monday-Thursday to support the learning of the words.  We will have a READING TEST EACH FRIDAY (or the last day of the week).  The test will be word recognition only.  Your child will not be expected to spell the words, however, (s) he will be expected to read the word immediately.  Your child is expected to learn a minimum of 175 SIGHT words by the end of May (There are 50 words on the kindergarten list and 125 words on the first grade list).  This is a Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School District grade level expectation.  There will be district assessments given to each of the children quarterly.
    Our first grade homework procedure here in room 306 is very easy, but very important!  On Monday the students will bring home homework assignments in their green homework folder.  They may need adult assistance to complete their homework, so please check their backpacks and go over their homework with them.  Each week the students will be required to read (or be read to) at least 20 minutes a day and complete an assignment based on the story read, sight word homework, and they will have a math assignment.  On the math homework we have completed similar activities in class.  Homework is a chance to practice what they have learned.  It is VERY important that we help our students succeed in school by making sure they have completed their homework every night, and turn it in on Friday.

Word Work