• Pre-K Teachers

    Mrs. Michelle Lewis - Room 309

    Ms. Olivia Owens - Room 315


    Pre-K Assistants:

    Mrs. Allison Larimore - Room 309

    Ms. Beverly Turner - Room 315

  • At Cash Elementary School, we have two Exceptional Children Pre-K classrooms for students who are three and four years old. Services are based on the child’s needs and are provided in the classroom where teachers and therapists work collaboratively with the children.

    WS/FCS EC Preschool program has selected the Creative Curriculum (4th ed.) as our required curriculum. North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and development is considered our "Standard Course of Study"; these are the objectives upon which our activity plans are based.


    If you’d like more information, please contact:

    Special Services Center

    Blanche Stevens/Paula Grubbs

    950 Mock Street

    Winston-Salem, NC 27107

    Phone: 336-703-4199

    Fax: 336-748-3152

  • Please consider donating the following items directly to your child's class.

    • Sandwich sized Ziploc bags
    • Snack sized Ziploc bags
    • Washable Markers
    • Clorox Wipes
    • Kleenex
Last Modified on April 20, 2020