• Name: Andrew Allison
    Subject: Social Studies
    Contact info: Room 401
    Welcome to East Forsyth.  I am Andrew Allison Social Studies teacher and Lacrosse Coach here at East. 

    If you need get in touch with me my E-mail is   Awallison@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Andrew Allison

    World History


    Schedule of Events

    Competency Goal 1             Historical Tools and Practices - The learner will identify, evaluate, and use the methods and tools valued by historians, compare the views of historians, and trace the themes of history.

    Competency Goal 2             Emerging Civilizations - The learner will analyze the development of early civilizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

    Competency Goal 3             Monarchies and Empires - The learner will investigate significant events, people, and conditions in the growth of monarchical and imperial systems of government.

    Competency Goal 4             Revolution and Nationalism - The learner will assess the causes and effects of movements seeking change, and will evaluate the sources and consequences of nationalism.

    Competency Goal 5             Global Wars - The learner will analyze the causes and results of twentieth century conflicts among nations.

    Competency Goal 6             Patterns of Social Order - The learner will investigate social and economic organization in various societies throughout time in order to understand the shifts in power and status that have occurred.

    Competency Goal 7             Technology and Changing Global Connections - The learner will consider the short- and long-term consequences of the development of new technology.

    Competency Goal 8             Patterns of History - The learner will assess the influence of ideals, values, beliefs, and traditions on current global events and issues.


    Homework = 40%

    Tests = 40%

    Exam = 20%

    Class Participation is also a final component of homework.  

    Materials   Notebook that can hold paper, separated for notes and homework. 

    E-mail- Awallison@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Online Textbook = World History:   http://my.hrw.com/        (Username: student7844  Password: m8p5e)

    Zeros There will be no homework that will be given the grade of zero.  The lowest grade that can be earned is a 50.  This is a grading philosophy that will allow students to always be able to keep a satisfactory grade in my class.  This does not apply to tests as a student should get more than a 50 on a test. 

    Make Up  Any test can be retaken for a better grade.  Make up tests are only offered in the mornings.  A student can retake any test as many times as they want.     

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