• Mrs. A. Whittington
    Math Teacher

    Welcome to Mrs. Whittington's Web Page

    I have taught for twenty-four years.  I am a United States Air Force veteran.  I attended college at UNC-G, and I have my National Board Certification. 

    This year I will be teaching: Math III, Math III Honors, and Calculus
    Semester 1
    1st      Math III Honors   Room 1114

    2nd     Math III               Room 1114

    3rd      Math III Honors  Room 1114
    4th Bday       AP Calculus AB  Room 1114
    Semester 2
    1st      Math III Honors   Room 1114
    2nd      Math III               Room 1114
    4th Bday       AP Calculus AB  Room 1114  

    Classroom supplies:

    Math III Honors or Regular - a 3 ring binder with notebook paper,  graph paper, pencils, graphing calculator (TI-83, or TI-84), highlighter (optional).

    Calculus - a large notebook, pencils and erasers, a graphing calculator

    Optional classroom supplies for the teacher to share with the students:  a box of Kleenex, dry erase markers 

    I would like to say "Thanks" to all the parents who have already provided supplies for the classroom.  They are most appreciated.  :)