Diggs-Latham Elementary Visual & Performing Arts A+ Magnet School

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    At Diggs-Latham, we are committed to preparing students for 21st century thinking and learning by engaging them in high quality instruction that challenges and develops global awareness and respect for people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.


    Arts are thoughtfully integrated into daily classroom instruction, providing students with multi-faceted learning experiences.  There are broad ranges of academic and arts enrichment activities that include project based and hands on learning, presentations, and community engagement.


    The arts team at Diggs-Latham Elementary Magnet School provides direct instruction in visual art, choral music, dance, piano, band, orchestra, and theater arts. Students are encouraged to showcase their talents and abilities in these art forms through performances, exhibitions, publications, projects, and service. Students use their innovative abilities and talents to demonstrate what they learn in core and arts classes. Our technology at Diggs-Latham is first class. We have a 21st Century Media Center and computer lab. We also have a TV News room with Green Screen Technologies. Students are involved in creating and presenting a morning news show.  Students are trained in reporting and recording the school news.


    Children are exposed to a vast array of activities that enhance their ability to succeed through their talents and ability to adapt to a changing world.  Throughout the day, students are engaged in healthy conversations and activities that enable them to think globally and creatively.  Students are encouraged to develop innovative solutions to problems by analyzing, applying, synthesizing, and evaluating their solutions and decisions. Through such study, students develop an appreciation and respect for their community, themselves, and the world.  Students are encouraged to communicate new ideas and thoughts, to be open and responsive to new and diverse perspectives, and willing to share and brainstorm ideas with children from other nations and cultures. Students are exposed to a wide variety of media and technology skills.  Students are expected to be self-directed learners, to be able to work independently, and to be able to work and interact effectively with others.  Diggs-Latham Elementary Magnet School students are expected to be able to lead and guide others and to demonstrate integrity and ethical behavior. We encourage our students to be examples for others to follow.


    Diggs-Latham Elementary Visual & Performing Arts A+ Magnet School is located in the historic West Salem neighborhood shared by the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Salem Academy and Salem College, and Winston-Salem State University-schools well known for their arts, global studies, and applied technology programs.

    We invite you to join the Diggs-Latham Elementary Magnet School, an environment that is student-centered built on a foundation of family, community, and staff collaboration.

Last Modified on October 12, 2022