• Name: Mr. Plaster
    Subject: PE/ISS/ALC
    Hello I am Mr. Plaster! This is my 13th year at East Forsyth High School! I currently teach Weight Lifting and I am the coordinator of the ALC program. I also coach football, baseball, and am one of the assistant athletic directors. I am also a graduate of East Forsyth! Below is my teaching schedule and room numbers:
    1st Period- Planning
    2nd Period- ISS/ALC
    3rd Period- Weight Lifting
    4th Period-ISS/ALC 
    Classroom Expectations: In weight lifting, each student should dress out and lift everyday!!
    Rules/Regulations:  No horse playing in the weight room. Each student is assigned a group and should remain in their group either lifting or spoting one of their group members, unless they need to get a drink of water.
    Grading Policy: Students will be given 20 points a day (10 for dressing out and 10 for participation). Each day of the week adds up to 100 points and the students will be given weekly grades.