Julian Gibson Elementary School



    Instructional Leadership Team

    Dr. Ian Olsen, Principal

    Ms. Cynthia Russell, Assistant Principal

    Mr. Cliff Prince, Assistant Principal

    Ms. Jennifer McCarthy, Instructional Faciliator 

    Ms. Melanie Sayles, Instructional Faciliator


    Main Office Staff

    Ms. Dawn Cain-Fulp, Lead Financial Secretary

    Ms. Luis Ramos, Data Manager (Interim)

    , Main Office Secetary and Transportation Coorindator

    Ms. Maritzabel Perez, Main Office Secretary and Bilingual Assistant

    Ms. , Testing Coordinator ()


    Support Services Team

    Mrs. Chantele Shear, School Counselor

    Mr. Kevin Ingram, Parent Involvement and Volunteer Coordinator

    Ms. Carllet McDonald, Family Engagement Coordinator

    Ms. Andrea Taylor, School Social Worker



    Mr. George Banner, Lead Custodian

    Ms. Tyrone Lowery, Custodian

    Ms. Carolyn Kelly, Custodian

    Ms. Pamela Wilson, Custodian  

Last Modified on September 22, 2019