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    Name: Mrs. F. Hilton, room 506
    Subject:  English IV Standard, AP Literature, Senior Class Sponsor
    Schedule: 1st: English IV, 2nd B-day:AP Literature, 3rd A/B: AP Literature, 4th: English IV

    Contact Info:
    Fhhilton@wsfcs.k12.nc.us @mrshiltonrocks (twitter)
    Overview of  Advanced Placement Literature
    Advanced placement English is a college-level course, which will encompass mostly study in British Literature, writing, and outside reading of novels and plays.  Advanced Placement English has three main purposes.  The first is to refine your writing abilities with emphasis on maturity of style and thought as a means of expressing yourself effectively and fluently.  As you complete high school and face college, immature syntax, superficial analysis, and major grammatical errors should have vanished from your writing.  In fact, the mastery of writing will be the foundation of your entire college education.  The second purpose is to introduce you to a study of fiction, drama, and poetry in order to increase your understanding of literature through critical analysis and thinking.  The final purpose is to prepare you to earn college credit through the AP Examination by mastering the aforementioned skills.


    AP Literature Classes 

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    Overview of English IV (Honors and Regular)

    English IV is a survey of British Literature, including England, Ireland, and Scotland as well as Wales and a few other European countries.  This year we will focus on novels, short stories, poems, dramas, and films as well as vocabulary, resume building, and college application/career preparation.  Students are required to complete a research project for English IV during the  first semester.  Specific course expectations are outlined on the syllabus for each course.
    Mrs. Hilton's Wish List 
    Instead of school supplies this year, my wish list includes novels for my classroom. If you would like to purchase a new or used copy of one of the novels on my wish list (see the url below), I would greatly appreciate it! Also, if you would like to donate any novel sitting on your shelf, I will gladly take it as well!
    General Supplies
    Notebook paper
    3 Ring Binder
    Copies of novels (All AP Students)
     *Denotes optional items
    **Please see each specific class's syllabus for grading criteria and points values**