• Program Description 

    Hall-Woodward Elementary School offers a child-centered program in all academic areas with a focus on communication skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing), Spanish instruction, critical thinking, cultural awareness, and the use of communication through performance. Students use available technologies for accessing communications, video production, multi-media instruction, and publishing. Writing is emphasized across the curriculum and literature is emphasized in the language arts program. Parent and community involvement is an integral part of the school's program.
    School Philosophy
    Hall-Woodward is committed to providing a quality learning environment for each student. The school will strive to meet the objective of assisting every child in reaching his or her potential in educational, physical, and personal growth in these ways:
    • Students are encouraged to understand the importance of learning, to develop a sense of duty and responsibility, and to apply themselves enthusiastically in attaining goals.
    • Teachers are encouraged to create an exciting and stimulating learning environment incorporating effective teaching techniques and utilizing personal teaching styles to enhance student learning.
    • Parents are encouraged to be involved and supportive in the educational process through open communication with teachers and through active involvement in school activities.
    • The school consists of the students, teachers, parents, and the community. We will strive to work together to produce valuable and able citizens for our future.

      School Vision

    Educational success for all students is a necessity in order for every child to become a viable and productive member of society. It is, therefore, essential that we provide the type of learning environment that ensures all students' success.

    It is the responsibility and obligation of the Hall-Woodward staff to provide an environment that fosters the belief that all children can and will learn, that seeks to meet the diversity of differences through various methods, and that enables every child to be a successful learner.


Last Modified on May 18, 2022