• Science is LIFE

    Cinnamon when she was a baby.

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    Ms. Penick's Classes
    Room 1006
    1st Block Earth Science Honors (part1) 8:55 - 9:43

    2nd Block Earth Science Honors (part2) 9:48 - 10:36

    3rd Biology 10:41 - 11:29

    4th Biology 12:11 - 1:00
    5th Plan (part1) 1:05 - 1:53

    6th Plan (part2) 1:58 - 2:46

    7th Biology 2:51 - 3:40

    Welcome students, friends, and families, to Science at East Forsyth High School .

    My name is Ms. Penick, and to me science is FOOD and anything that makes food cook, taste, or smell delicious!

    That's Cinnamon a 2008 baby goat chewing on a leaf in the picture. I like to explain how the world works in ways that seem relevant, and I can't think of anything more relevant than food, the agriculture that produces it, and the science that makes it all work.

    I raise hardy goats, rare Heritage Lilac Turkeys, Heirloom vegetables, varroa resistant natural cell honey bees, and heritage chickens. I'm excited to learn the how and the why of any agricultural or family food secret so don't be afraid to share.

    I'm slowly filling up my links section with all kinds of food fun as well as other science ideas and things of interest. I've collected some great links so take a look!

    I  <3  being at East Forsyth High! I hope together we will find a happy and successful niche for ourselves in the ecosystem of East Forsyth High!