• Name:  Jill Branoff
    Subject:  Pre-Calculus & Math III
    Contact info: jbranoff@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Welcome to Mrs. Branoff's math class!


    Biographical Information

    I graduated from North Carolina State University with a double major in Mathematics and Mathematics Education.  I received a Master's Degree in Mathematics Education from Wake Forest University.  My work experience includes farming, teaching pre-school music, private tutoring, programming for an actuarial firm, and teaching high school mathematics.  My husband, Bill, is a chemical engineer for RFMD.  I have two daughters - Katharine is a nurse at Duke Hospital, and Sarah is a graduate student at UNC Wilmington.  You may contact me by email:  jbranoff@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    A Day:      1st:  Honors Pre-Calculus                            B Day:  1st:  Math III
                       2nd:  Math III                                                       2nd:  Planning
                    3rd:  Planning                                                      3rd:  Honors Math III
                    4th:  Honors Pre-Calculus                                      4th:  Math III


    • pencil
    • paper
    • 3 ring binder with dividers
    • TI 83, TI 84 or TI NSpire series graphing calculator



    Test - 60%

    Homework - 40%  

    Math III/Honors Math III

    Test - 50%

    Quiz - 35%

    Homework - 15%

    Project - (Honors Only!)