• ladybugsWelcome to Mrs. Gordon's Third Grade Class!ladybugs
    I hope you are ready for an exciting year in third grade! We are going to work hard and have a lot of fun this year, and there are several things you can all do to help out.
    1. Check over your child's homework planner every night. Important information will be included on this sheet, and needs to be signed off on.
    2. Monthly newsletters and notes will be sent home, always included with the homework. Please read these notes, they will include information for field trips and classroom activitites.
    3. Visit our classroom! Come in, watch your child, volunteer in the room, just be present. You make all the difference!
    The last thing that you can do to help out this year is to contact me. If you see that your child is struggling with a concept, please let me know. You know your child best and can see things that I can't. You can always contact me for positive reasons too! My door is always open, as is email, and phone. I am here for you and your child!
    We are going to have a great year this year. Please visit our Classroom Expectations section, as well as Classroom Links. I look forward to seeing you!

    Christina Gordon




Last Modified on January 26, 2012