• Name: Katie S. Price
     Spanish Teacher:   Robert B Glenn High
    Bienvenidos a todos
    Welcome everyone

    I am excited to meet and work with each one of you this school year.  I hope that you will find the experience challenging and rewarding.   It is important that you pay attention and practice not only in class but also outside of class so that you may be successful and more comfortable in learning and using the Spanish language.
    I will be using Spanish at least 90% of the time.  This allows you to:
     1) hear the language spoken so that you may hear it in context and more easily learn how to put together individual words to make sentences.
     2) hear the pronunciation of the words so that you can be more fluid in your language expression.
     3) know that your teacher knows how to speak the language so that you can too!
     4)grow accustomed to hearing the language so that when you go to college you will not struggle with hearing the language spoken 100% of the time. 
    Quizzes and Tests:  These will be returned to the student if the student has a failing grade so that they have the opportunity to correct it on a separate sheet of paper and return the corrections with the original quiz/test and the signature of a parent or guardian.   If everything is correct, you will receive a 70%.  If you have attempted all corrections and not everything is correct, you will receive a 69%. Look for the stamp that says "Corregir y devolver por favor" (Correct and return please).    
    Tutoring and Work/Test make up time:   Many of you probably want to know about tutoring and make up work/tests for your child this year.  I will not be available for tutoring on Wednesday and Fridays usually. 
    I will be available from 8:20 - 8:40 am and 3:45 - 4:30 pm in room 412.  Please sign up for an appointment on the calendar located on the bulletin board.  If you do not sign up, I will not know that you want to come and I may leave by 4 pm.   Please understand that it is your child's responsibility to sign up to receive tutoring and/or make up quizzes and tests that have been missed due to an absence.  Please do not wait until the end of the quarter.
    If you cannot come to tutoring, please visit the Useful Links section of my webpage in order to access some wonderful websites that can help you with your Spanish studies.  I would suggest each of you visit these sites in order to get familiar with them. 
    Student Absences and Make up work: 
    Please see me on the day of your return from an absence in order to pick up your work.  Please bring something with which to write down your assignments.
    Please read the policies and procedures for this course under downloadable documents. You, as the student, are responsible for any missed work.  According to WSFCS policy you have 2 days from the day you return from your absence to make up your work, tests, and/or quizzes.
    Grading Policy: see Academic and General Policies in the Classroom Policies section