• Name: Sean McDonald
    Subject: Language and Literature and Individuals and Societies
    Contact info: smcdonald@wsfcs.k12.nc.us leave me a message at 336-703-4168. You can also contact me on Edmodo or at seanmac700@gmail.com.
            Partnership in Learning
    Bring to Class Daily
     Pencil, INB and any materials needed for that days lesson.         
    Homework - There are times when homework and classwork can be found on Edmodo please login there for more details. Also homework assignments will be posted on the calendar.Worksheets that have been passed out to the students can also be downloaded from the website.
    Grading Policy:
    Please check each subjects page for specific grading percentages. 
    WSFCS Grading Policy
    A = 100-90
    B = 89-80
    C = 79-70
    D = 69-60
    F = 59 and lower
    Tutoring will be available on Wednesday afternoons from 3:00-3:45. Students must be picked up no later than 4:00. Tardiness may result in your child not being allowed to stay after.
    Be in the right place
    Doing the right thing
    At the right time
    With the right people
    ClassDO YOUR BEST!
    1. Listen: to all directions
    2. Think: about assignments, answers, questions
    3. Do: ask question and do your work
    Wednesday Packets - Parents, please sign the Wednesday packet folder after reading the enclosed information. Several papers require signatures and personal information. Please sign and return those by your child.
    Student Fees - Fees should be sent by check or cash to your child's homebase teacher on the first day of school. You may also pay online. Information on how to pay online is provided in the first Wednesday packet.  Student fees are $3.50 per child.
    Lock rental  $3.50
    Lost lock $4.50 
     Wish List-
    If you could send in any magazines, books, pamphlets, Highlights or any other type of reading material that you are no longer reading at home. Also, tissues and hand sanitizer. If you could also donate student scissors and post it notes. Panther passes will be given out for any donations.