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    School day begins: 8:20 a.m.

    School day ends: 2:50 p.m.


    Kimmel Farm is a place where critical thinkers explore, engage, and collaborate in a safe environment. Our students are empowered to be academically minded global citizens. We are creating Leaders Today to become Leaders Tomorrow



    At Kimmel Farm Elementary we are Dedicated to Reaching and Teaching Every Child


    Our Unifying Values: We are FOCUSED!  We are:

    F- Fostering positive relationships with colleagues, students & parents

    O- Optimistic as we Overcome Obstacles

    C- Communicating & Collaborating

    U- Unlocking potential in students & colleagues

    S- Student Centered in all we do

    E- Expecting Excellence Everyday

    D- Dedicated & Data Driven


    At Kimmel Farm Elementary,

    • We provide a caring nurturing environment for the whole learning community (students, parents, and staff).

    • All children learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

    • All children can show growth (academically, behaviorally, and socially) throughout the school year

    • Our staff is dedicated to facilitating growth in every child.

    • Our staff provides quality instruction for every child according to their differentiated needs.


    We are the Kimmel Farm Frogs and we LEAP!! We Lead others by our example. We Engage in our own learning. We are Accountable for our actions. And we are Polite to everyone we meet. We are Frogs! Lead…Engage…Accountable…Polite.



Last Modified on February 21, 2020