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    School day begins: 8:20 a.m.

    School day ends: 2:50 p.m.

    School Theme:     
    Kimmel Farm Problem-Based Learning Academy: "Unlocking Minds through Creative and Critical Thinking" 

    School Vision:  
    Kimmel Farm is a dynamic, world-class community of learners dedicated to creative and critical thinking with a commitment to personal and academic excellence.

    School Mission:
    Kimmel Farm, in collaboration with our families and community, will prepare students for their future by implementing Problem Based Learning and authentic, real-world experiences.  By providing them with rigorous and relevant academic opportunities, we ensure that students will excel as critical and creative thinkers while becoming responsible citizens who will thrive in a changing world.

    Unifying Values:


    o All students are capable of learning in a safe, positive, and challenging environment that values diversity and fosters collaboration.

    o All children come with their own individual gifts, talents, natural curiosity, and desire to learn.

    o Alternative points of view foster communication and instill compassion for others.

    o Educators, with a high standard of excellence, are the key facilitators in this state-of-the-art environment.

    o Learning is an active, on-going process where students are engaged in a wide variety of relevant, independent, creative, cooperative, minds-on, hands-on experiences.

    o Education is the responsibility of students, school, family, and community.


Last Modified on November 8, 2016