• Welcome
    Name: Cherie Yarbrough
    Subject: Second Grade
    Contact info:                                                                                                
          email:  cyarbrou@wsfcs.k12.nc.us   
          phone:  336-703-6760
    Welcome back to school!
    Our goal this year will be to provide an exciting learning experience for your child. We encourage you to help us work with your child as we strive to achieve this goal.

    We hope to answer some beginning questions with the following information.

    Going Home:
    Please be sure to send us a note if your child is to go home a different way than we discussed. We will not take your child's word if they only tell us, and we may not have time to call you to verify if we are walking out the door (which is usually when they tell us!). We are not allowed to make changes in your child's routine without a note or a phone call from you.

    Please help us by always sending money in a zip loc bag or envelope with your child's name on it and what the money is to be used for.

    Please complete any forms sent home and promptly return them to school.