Ora Fay Johnson
     Discrete Math and Discrete Math Honors


    Let me introduce myself!

    I'm really excited to be an Eagle again at East this year! This is my tenth year at East. Although originally from Mississippi, my family and I lived in Kansas for seventeen years before moving to North Carolina. Thank goodness now for taller trees, a milder climate, and less wind.

    I have a Bachelor's degree from Mississippi College and a Master's from Mississippi State University. I have taught twenty-seven years at the secondary and college level. It has been my desire to teach since I was in the eighth grade. Mrs. Sanford, my algebra teacher, inspired me then to always do my best in everything, including her class. I hope to do the same.

    I have three grown sons, two special daughter-in-laws, three handsome grandsons, and two beautiful granddaughters. We are fans of Mississippi State University, Kansas State University, and the New Orleans Saints.

    What Can I Expect in This Class?     

    This year I am teaching:

     First Semester                                                Second Semester

    1st   -     AFM                                                  1st   -    Discrete Math
    3rd    -   AFM                                                  3rd   -    Discrete Math Honors
    4th    -   Discrete Math                                    4th   -    Discrete Math Honors                                    

    Advanced Functions and Modeling is a course to study functions and apply mathematical models, in such areas as consumer issues, public policy, scientific investigation, and recreation.  The areas of study for this course will be probability, statistics, sequences and recursion, functions, exponential and log functions, triangle trig, and trig functions.

    Discrete Math introduces students to mathematics of social choice, decision making, and networks and extends students' application of matrix arithmetic and probability. Applications and modeling are important in this class. Appropriate usage of technology, including calculators, is regularly used for instruction.
    I'm looking forward to a great year!