• Name:  Mrs. Patricia Lancaster
    Subject:  English I


    Mrs. Lancaster's Home Page 

    Room 501
     Classroom Basics For English 1
       Students should bring all materials to class each day! 
    Materials include: 3-ring notebook with  sections for grammar, vocabulary, literature, nonfiction and writing.
       MAKE-UP WORK:  Make-up work is the student's responsibility.  If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to ask for the assignments you have missed.  Whenever you come back to class after an absence, simply see me before or after school or during lunch to get your materials. I  do not have time to assign make-up work during class.  Any work not made up will be recorded as a zero.
       TUTORING:  My students are always welcome to come to me for additional help with any assignment.  Because I have school meetings and parent conferences, it is always best for the student to arrange a time beforehand.  If you need help, please ask.  I come early and stay late on Thursday afternoons.  An activity bus is available for students who have stayed for tutoring at 5:00 Monday-Thursday.
    GRADING SYSTEM:                 
    Classwork/Homework     25%
    Quiz Grades    30%              Test Grades     45%

       The best way for parents to reach me is by email.  My email address is plancaster@wsfcs.k12.nc.us