• The Konnoak School Improvement Team meets once a month to discuss ideas for improving our school and teaching methods.  Also concerns and issues pertaining to our students, teachers, and staff are also discussed.  Yearly, the Team revises the School Improvement Plan which outlines goals set for Konnoak for the upcoming school year.
    Konnoak's School Improvement Plan is located in NC Indistar, which is a school improvement planning tool to help us reach our goals.  Indistar has 12 key indicators plus additional indicators that can be selected to target specific areas of improvement.  We invite parents and community partners to view our Indistar plan for strategic improvement using the following link:  
    www.indistar.org and accessible with:
    Select the tabs on the page to view our mission, vision and goals or to see our progress on the plan and specific objectives.  The Comprehensive Plan is a detailed view of the work with the specific 12 key indicators for our school and the district support to reach the goals. Please let us know if you have any questions. 
    We invite you to join us for the 2017-2018 SIT Meetings, which 
    will be held from in the Media Center on:
    September  21        7-8:30am      
    October       19       7-8:30am       
    November    16       7-8:30am       
    December      7      7-8:30am      
    January        18      7-8:30am
    February      22     7-8:30am
     March           8     7-8:30am
    April             12     7-8:30am
    May              17     7-8:30am
    June             17      Mid-Day Retreat 
    SIT Team Members 2017-2018
Last Modified on December 31, 2018