• Name: Heather Stanley-Johnson
    Subject: Pre-K Teacher

    Welcome and thank you for enrolling your child at Konnoak Elementary School. The purpose of our pre-k program is to ensure success for all students entering school. This Website will serve as a guide to familiarize you with the classroom, parent activities and policies and procedures at Konnoak. It is our pleasure to work with you and your child to help prepare him/her for a successful school experience.
    Konnoak Pre-K is developmentally appropriate for preschoolers and serves children with a variety of abilities. All activities are designed to strengthen  your child's ability to cope in an ever-changing world. Everyone learns differently and our activities are structured so that each child develops at their own pace. By doing so every child will experience success. Our goal is to establish a foundation for lifelong learning.
    Items Needed for School:
    * Occasionally accidents happen. Please send 2 complete sets of seasonal clothes to remain at school. We will need shirt, pants, underpants and socks. Please lable your child's clothing!
    * Bookbag without wheels
     Program Information:
    * School for Pre-K starts at 8:45 and ends at 3:15
    * Pre-K follows the WSFCS schedule/calendar
    *Attendance is important to academic success. If your child has to be absent you must call the school.
    *Safe arrival and Departure procedures ensure a safe environment. You must sign your child in upon arrival and out upon departure. Accompany your child at ALL times to the classroom.
    *Family Involvement/Volunteering is encouraged, at least 3 hours in the classroom every month. Volunteers can be mothers, fathers, guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles or other adults with whom the child feels comfortable.
    Here are some ideas that you can do to volunteer:
    -Reading to and with a child or children
    -Playing in the dramatic play area
    -Coaching art work
    -Playing games on the playground
    -Building blocks
    -Assisting in tabletop games
    *Parent Meetings and other special events will be held throughout the year. Notices will be posted and sent home. All parents are expected and encouraged to attend these events.