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    Class of 2015-2016
    Mrs.  Hugosson's
    4th Grade Class 

      The Teacher in Room 602  
    I have been involved with Meadowlark for several years, both as a teacher and a parent. My daughter is a Tarheel graduate and purchased a home in Durham. She has two children (they are actually dogs). My son graduated from Reagan High School currently lives with his cat in his own place too. He is working and going to school in Winston-Salem. In fact, you may see him in the Imprints Cares program at Meadowlark. If you play soccer for Twins, he just may be your coach. Both of my children are graduates of Meadowlark Elementary School. My husband went to school a bit further away at Pildammsskolan in Sweden. I attended the graduate program at Salem College and received my Master's Degree in teaching. My school for undergraduate was Salem State University in Massachusetts, which is where I met my husband. There, I graduated with a degree in graphic design and worked as a graphic designer in Vermont for several years. I keep in touch with my family in Vermont, (and a sister in New Hampshire and brother in Japan). I grew up in not-so-often-sunny-Vermont. My mother and I compare the temperatures here in Winston-Salem to Lyndon, Vermont's. One day in January, the temperature difference was 40 degrees! It was cold here, only 20 degrees, so that means it was -20°F (below zero) in northern Vermont! The coldest it was there in that month was 35° below 0°F! I miss all that snow and loved growing up there, but now that I'm older, our winters here remind me how glad I am to live in NC!
     This is Thor, God of Thunder. He loves mud and retrieving balls.
    Mud run finish
    Thor isn't the only one who likes mud. My family has been known to run in the mud.
    Mudley Crue 2011
    2011 mud runners included a second grade teacher from Meadowlark. Can you spot him?
    H2G2                      Post Mud H2G2
    Mud team 2012 (H2G2) members might look familiar if you have been at Meadowlark a few years ago. Mr. Hegedus and Ms. Groves were on this team, as well as Mr. Graves.
    Sequoia tree    
    No mud run in summer 2014, instead I went to Sequoia National Forest in California. Some trees were much larger than this one.
    Can you tell how big it is with me standing in front of it? In class, we will learn about perspective. Sometimes I like to get a bird's eye view. (I have a great way of getting that view!)
    Classroom Notes

       Homework is discussed and assigned daily and will always be written on the homework board in class. The homework page of this website has a general homework outline. Students are responsible for writing it in their planners. Reading each night for at least twenty five minutes is standard and vital. Please feel free to read with your child! You and your child may read every other page to each other; this is a great way to practice the reading strategies we use as adults. Please allow your child to see you read too. They learn by example and you are their most important teacher.
       If your child brings home an "OOPF" sheet (Outstanding Opportunity for a Personal Fix) in his or her planner, that means that a homework assignment was not completed. Please sign and return that sheet and remind your child that it is his or her responsibility to complete the assignment and bring it to school. I encourage you to guide your child with homework when necessary, but I do not expect it to be perfect. Homework is practice. I need to know how a child is thinking in order to help when concepts are not being mastered. With math it is especially important to show one's work and method(s) used. If your child spends more than one hour on homework or becomes very frustrated after a genuine effort, please have him or her write me a short note explaining what the problem was so that I can address it accordingly. Parents or guardians may certainly let me know as well but the goal is for students to take responsibility for their own learning.
       To encourage and reward those who always get their homework done, I'll be continuing something that has worked well in the past. Each student will get a homework pass at the beginning of the year. The one-time pass will be used for one nightly homework assignment (not counting certain tasks like projects.) Those students who are still able to show me their unused homework pass at the end of each quarter will receive a reward from several choices.

     "WOWs" and "OOPS" Days

    If your child says that he or she had a "WOW" day or week, you should be very proud! Earning a "WOW" takes going above and beyond in kindness or in work ethic. This has been a big deal in the past, as "WOW's" are not easily earned. Your child will have a paper showing that this day was a great day or week for him or her.  

    If you see a pink "OOPS" sheet, however, (Outstanding Opportunity for a Personal Stretch) in your child's planner, please sign it and discuss it with your child. This sheet is a reminder to make better decisions in the future. An "OOPS" sheet should be taken seriously, as it means that several other reminders will have already been given and the issue needs to be addressed at home to reinforce appropriate behavioral choices. 

    Please feel free to contact me at either of these e-mail addresses.

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