•  Welcome to Mrs. Williams' Fourth Grade
    Laurie Williams  llwilliams@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    As of Sunday, November 27th, I will no longer be updating this page.
    Please visit our new page on Haiku!
    Just Monday and Tuesday this week! Please bring your devices each day, so we can get everything done!
    We'll keep working on multiplication strategies, shades of meaning/descriptive language, The Egypt Game, and The Lost Colony.
    I am so thankful for each of you, and I will be remembering you when I eat that turkey and pumpkin pie on Thursday.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Mrs. W.
    We'll have another busy week in room 604!
    We'll review multiplicative comparison and move on to strategies for multiplying in math (practice those multiplication facts!). In reading, we'll begin our new novel and focus on some word work. In social studies will explore The Lost Colony.
    Have your parents met with me yet? If not, I'd be glad to schedule a conference to share your successes and challenges so far in fourth grade!
    You'll need devices on Tuesday and Thursday this week.
    Remember to bring in a red shirt for the Holiday Program.
    See you soon!
    Mrs. Williams
    Welcome to second quarter, awesome fourth graders! Technically, it's not until Wednesday, but it's weird to start a quarter in the middle of the week, so we're going for it! We'll start out with multiplication strategies in math, introduce our new novel and practice inference skills in reading, move into colonization of North Carolina and discuss the election process in social studies.
    You'll want to have your devices on Wednesday and Thursday this week.
    Remember that we won't have school on Tuesday for a teacher work day or on Friday for Veterans' Day. It's a great time to ask your families about the heroes in your family tree who served or are serving our country.
    Mrs. Ward has asked us to remind each of you to begin bringing in a red shirt for the Holiday PTA Performance. Your dance is wonderful! Can't wait to see the whole show!
    See you soon!
    Mrs. W.  
    Boo! Happy Halloween!
    Wow! Time flies! It's the last week of 1st quarter already!
    We'll review and test this week to be sure 1st quarter concepts are solid before moving into 2nd quarter. Our testing days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please keep a regular bedtime routine, have a good breakfast, and get to school on time to ensure that you do your best. You are all going to do great!
    The Sign of the Beaver Projects are so awesome! I'm really impressed with the effort and broad range of interesting information you learned. I can't wait to hear the rest of the presentations!
    We'll have BYOD days on Tuesday and Thursday this week.
    Wednesday is an Early Release Day. Remind your parents!
    See you soon!
    Mrs. W.
    How fun was Raleigh!?! I had a wonderful time! Thanks for being such fun travel buddies!
    This week, we'll finish up first quarter concepts and review/practice some challenging topics in preparation for the quarter testing the week of Oct. 31st. Our days are Wednesday, Nov. 2nd and Thursday, Nov. 3rd.
    Homework will be slightly lighter to allow time for research and work on your Sign of the Beaver projects. I think we answered most questions about the project. You should be researching a facet of your chosen topic to write a short (1 or 2 pages) informational paper to share. Then, create a visual product to show us what you learned. Remember the paper, the product, and the presentation are equally weighted on the rubric. Put equal effort in to each part. Please feel free to message me with any questions! I'm glad to help!
    Please plan to bring devices Tuesday and Thursday. You will have a little time each day to do last-minute research for your project.
    Go outside! It's beautiful!
    See you soon!
    Mrs. W.
    We have such a busy and exciting week ahead! We have our Author Visit Wednesday, our Raleigh Field Trip Thursday, and our Raptor Rehabilitation visit on Friday. Hold on tight!
    This week in math, we'll finish up measurement with elapsed time and work on solving word problems, practice non-fiction text structures in reading, publish our narratives, and explore life for Native Americans before colonization.
    We'll also be starting a reading incentive program from Wake Forest. Read for 30 minutes each night to stay on track!
    Remember to be working on your Sign of the Beaver Research Project. It will help you to focus on the research FIRST, before you get started on the fun part: the project! Think of an interesting facet of your topic to learn knew things about. Research it. Then, think about a creative way to teach us! We'll talk more on Monday. It is due on Friday, October 28th!
    Bring devices on Tuesday and Thursday (if you wish for our trip).
    Be sure to share all of this information with your family! See you soon!
    Mrs. W.
    What a difference a day makes! I hope all of you and your friends and family are safe after weathering Matthew. The beautiful skies today will allow much needed drying out and cleaning up.
    Math this week will shift focus from area, perimeter, and volume with general "units" to specific systems of measurement. We will finish up Sign of the Beaver in reading and move into nonfiction structures. I can't wait for you to share your personal narratives! We will also move to Social Studies and government to be ready for our trip to Raleigh.
    Be sure to show your parents your Tuesday Folders this week, because it will contain an important information page about the Raleigh trip (October 20th). You will need to arrive at school between 6:00 and 6:15 (we will know precisely by Tuesday) to load the buses in time for them to depart before 6:30. Also, arrange to be picked up between 4:30 and 5:00. Lots more information about what to pack is included in this letter.
    Meadowlark's Penney Campaign to support the United Way will begin this week. Fourth graders can donate change to support the many local programs funded by the United Way. I understand that all money will stay in Forsyth County.
    Congratulations to Nathan who is our 1st Student of the Month. Our Character Trait for September was Responsibility which means doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Nathan has made keeping up with homework and messages to and from school, managing materials, encouraging others, and completing assignments a priority without reminders. We appreciate your effort Nathan! Also, I appreciate all of you for cheering when Nathan's name was announced. What great friends you are! October's Character Trait is Respect. How can you exhibit respect?
    Bring Your Own Device Days are Tuesday and Thursday this week. I've signed up for the laptop cart, too.
    See you soon!
    Mrs. Williams
    Our windows are open to this beautiful early autumn morning! My family and I are headed to the fair this afternoon...Can't wait! Cotton Candy and Elephant Ears are calling my name!
    Picture Day is Tomorrow! Remember to bring your order envelope if you want to order pictures. These are the ones that will be in the yearbook!
    Thank you for the many books purchased for our classroom at the book fair! We have almost all of the titles on the Battle of the Books list now! Thank you!
    This week we'll continue to work on area and perimeter in math. PLEASE BRING A SMALL BOX (Tissue box, cereal box, small shoe box...needs to easily fit two or three on top of your desk...you can take them back home when we're through). We'll focus on narrative story structure in reading and writing. We'll finish up ecosystems in science and move into pre-historic North Carolina.
    Let your family know we need to firm up our plans for the Raleigh Field Trip. I'll be messaging chaperones and sending a letter about details, like what to pack, later in the week. If your family hasn't sent payment, it would be helpful to get that in this week.
    Our Room Reps have sent an email that I will be forwarding today. Please have your parents message them as needed.
    Our BYOD Days are Tuesday and Thursday this week. I PROMISE we'll get to use them!  
    See you soon!
    Mrs. W.
    Wow! Can you believe we are half way through 1st quarter already? Time sure flies when you're having fun!
    Tuesday is 4th and 5th Grade Curriculum Night. Please tell your parents to be sure to join us. They can come early and visit the Book Fair and the PTA Meeting with the 5th Grade Chorus performing. The 4th Grade families will meet in the pod about 6:45 for a few minutes to learn about what goes on this year.
    We will be sending Tuesday Packets home on Wednesday this week, so that we can put our Curriculum Night things in them for parents who cannot come. Also, lots of work with feedback and the mid-term progress reports will come home. Be sure to go over work with your folks!
    Our day to visit the Book Fair is Wednesday during our regular Encore time. Please bring money for books on that day. If your parent wants to take you another time, that's fine, too.
    Bring your devices on Tuesday and Friday this week.
    Don't forget to do any research needed about adaptations, food chain, or habitats to support your creature project! We will finish them up in class Monday and Tuesday, so we can hang them for parents to see Tuesday night.
    See you soon! 
    Mrs. W
    Okay, it seems that you cannot get to the Haiku page, yet. We'll be patient! Thank your parents for their feedback!
    Awesome job with the PTA Pledge Week! I hear we almost reached the goal and that's amazing! They have extended the deadline to Tuesday. Winning classes will be announced Wednesday, but we're all winners because we will all benefit!
    Be sure to check the Tuesday Folders for very important information about field trips and Raleigh chaperones. 
    Also, parents, please mark your calendars to join us Tuesday, September 27th for our Curriculum Night.
    This week, math will continue with numbers in base ten, reading will focus on plot elements, grammar will be about conjunctions, and after exploring Constitution Day ideas, we'll pick back up with animals and habitats.
    You may bring your electronic devices on Tuesday and Thursday this week.
    See you soon!
    Mrs. W.
    (Saving this for when it is active!) 
    I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful weekend!
    This is PLEDGE WEEK at MES! That means that the PTA is collecting donations for this year's projects focused on literacy at Meadowlark. To build excitement about this, families are welcome to join us at lunch on Monday. Our time is 12:05. Pledges will be counted toward a class competition for percentage of students making a donation. Right now, Mrs. Murray's class is in the lead for 4th grade with 30% of her students having made a donation/pledge so far. Also, we'll have some wacky-dress-up days. Monday is crazy hair/hat day, Tuesday is Tacky Day Wednesday is Decades Day, Thursday is Favorite Team Day, and Friday is MES Day.  
    Also to celebrate pledge week and literacy at MES, the PTA has asked that we decorate our classroom door with a favorite book. I've made a Wonder theme and I'd love for each of you to add a "Precept" similar to our September precept of "When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind. - Dr. Wayne Dyer". You can print something out on your computer at home, or write directly on the paper covering the door when you get to school. If you use a quote, be sure to include the person who said it!
    This week, we'll continue to work on place value and number sense in math, characterization and plot lines with our novels in reading, prepositions in writing, and animal adaptations in science. You may bring your internet capable devices on Wednesday and Friday.
    See you soon!
    Mrs. Williams 
    Happy Labor Day! I hope you are all relaxing and enjoying this beautiful weather!
    This week we will get into full swing with classwork and homework. We'll continue work with place value in math, explore characterization in reading, narratives in writing, learn to think like a scientist, and get into a little social studies, too.
    You may bring your devices on Wednesday and Friday this week.
    Remember to wear good shoes for gym on Thursday.
    If your parents have not returned those forms in the welcome packet, please remind them that we need them. Also the $15 fee for the planners and Storyworks magazine is also due.
    See you soon!
    Mrs. W
    Can't wait to get started tomorrow! 
    Remember traffic will be crazy!
    See you soon!
    Mrs. W.
    Come and find your new spot in room 604!
    MES will have Open House on
    Thursday, August 25th from 5:30 to 7:30
    I look forward to meeting you!
    Rising 4th Graders: Enjoy these last few days of summer break! If it's too hot to play outside, keep those math skills sharp with online practice sites such as Ten Marks or Khan Academy. You should also get in some reading practice. Choose a few from the Elementary Battle of the Books list (easier are green, more challenging are blue):
    Crenshaw - Kathering Applegate 
    Fish in a Tree - Linda Mullaly Hunt
    Jake - Audrey Couloumbus
    Love, Ruby Lavendar - Debora Wiles
    Smells Like Dog - Suzanne Selfors
    The Homework Machine - Dan Gutman
    The Tale of Despereaux - Kate DiCamillo
    The Year of the Dog - Grace Lin
    Ungifted - Gordon Korman
    The Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park
    A Nest for Celeste - Henry Cole
    Greetings from Nowhere - Barbara O'Connor
    Savvy - Ingrid Law
    The Key to Extraordinary - Natalie Lloyd
    The League of Seven - Alan Gratz
    The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg - Rodman Philbrick
    Tuesdays at the Castle - Jessica Day George
    Woods Runner - Gary Paulson
    See you soon! - Mrs. W.