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2016-2017 School Year



Volunteer Opportunities 
Immediate Chair and Committee Positions open: 

The Hospitality Committee is vital to caring for our school and teachers. 


  1. Back to School Staff Breakfast 
  2. Staff dinner for Open House 
  3. Plan and coordinate special lunches and snacks for teachers on early release days. 
  4. Staff Appreciation Week Luncheon 
  5. 5th Grade Graduation 
  6. Decorating, set up, and clean up for these events. 

Board Positions Available for 2017-2018 

VICE PRESIDENT – Programs (President Elect)
The Vice President acts as aide to the President and shall perform the duties of the president in the absence or inability of that officer to serve. 

1. Be aware of the President’s duties and responsibilities. 

2. Preside at meetings/functions in the absence of the President. 

3. Organize 2 in-school presentations for the students. These programs should have an academic, cultural and character message. Presentations must be approved by the Principal. 


The Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of all meetings (Board, Committee and General). In addition, the Secretary is responsible for publishing Enews on a weekly basis as a part of the Electronic Media Team. Enews is the primary means of school to home communication. (guidance and training will be provided). 

1. Records minutes at each meeting of the association, as well as the meetings of the executive board and committees. These written minutes are presented at the next meeting to be approved and shared with the school as appropriate. 

2. Assist the President in the in the functioning of the unit and the orderly conduct of the meeting. 

3. Communicate with Board, Committee Chairs and consult school calendar to publish updated events each week on Enews. 

4. Work together and support other members of the Electronic Media Team (Facebook and Website). 


The Treasurer receives and disburses all the money as prescribed in the local bylaws or authorized by action of the association. The Treasurer is NOT required to be a CPA but general accounting/bookkeeping knowledge is desired. 


1. Maintain PTA bank accounts for PTA funds. 

2. Promptly collect, deposit and record all monies received and checks issued. 

3. Pay all bills by check (never use cash); maintain detailed records of how money is disbursed. 

4. Work with VP of Finance to prepare a budget for approval by the Executive Board and the 
entire membership at the first General Meeting. 

5. Give-up-to date financial statements at all Board and General Meetings. The statement 
should include: balance, monies received and disbursements since last report. 

6. Send annual membership dues to the State PTA by the 15th of every month. 

7. Support the efforts of the annual financial review/audit by the VP of Finance and Audit 
committee by providing access to all financial records. 


The VP of Finance supports the financial activities of the Treasurer. The VP of Finance is NOT required to be a CPA or an accounting professional. 


1. Assist (with Treasurer) in the development of the annual budget to be approved by the 
Executive Board and general PTA membership. 

2. Chair the Audit Committee. 

3. Identify members of the annual Audit committee and ensure review duties are completed 
and reported per NC PTA guidelines. 

4. Submit all sales tax refunds semi-annually for reimbursements. 

5. File the PTA tax return (990 EZ) by November 15th annually. 

6. Plan, procure and deliver appropriate “bank” of funds at each on-site event requiring cash. 

7. Complete other financial tasks in support of the Treasurer as needed. 

If interested please contact Kristie Pristas.   Thank you for your interest and support! 


volunteer opps

 All Volunteers at MES must first register with Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools (WSFCS).  

  • Previously registered volunteers who plan to serve during the 2016-17 school year will need to log in to their current volunteer application and reactivate it for clearance. (Please do not fill out a new online volunteer application-the system will not allow duplicates).
  • Directions for reactivating your online volunteer application are located on the WS/FC Schools' “How Do I Volunteer” page at: https://www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us/Page/1264.(Visit the WSFCS’ homepage, click on the “Parents & Community section”, then select "Volunteers" in the drop-down menu; the "How Do I Volunteer" page is located in the menu of items on the left). Directions for reactivating an online application are located in the 2nd bulleted section. 
  • If you have lost your login or password you can retrieve them by clicking on the “lost password” link in the 2nd bulleted section of the HDIV page, or by visiting the volunteer login/registration page's "forgot my password" option. 

  • If you encounter problems, please contact Jennifer Cobb for assistance.  (336) 728-9219

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