• Name: Ginnie Tate
    Subject: Foods I-Fundamentals
    Contact info: email gtate@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
       phone  336-703-6735

    WELCOME TO FOODS I-FUNDAMENTALS!   Room 709 Fall Semester 1st period, Spring Semester 4th period
    Congratulations!  This is a special learning zone...a Career & Technical Education classroom experience!


    Want to learn why you need to fuel your body with good nutritious foods and learn how to prepare them, as well? 
    Then, COME ON DOWN!!  You will learn skills that you can use at home to prepare delicious foods as well as use at the next level of food preparation in Culinary Arts, a higher level class that prepares you for a job in the foods industry.   Foods I-Fundamentals is a fun class that works hard; you can become the new "chef" at your house!

    Welcome to Parenting and Child Development!  Room 708 Fall Semester 3rd & 4th periods
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Spring Semester 1st & 2nd periods 
                                 wheels on the bus.... Learn about children from before conception through age 6.  Take a baby simulator home and learn about the special needs a newborn has and the responsibilities of being a parent