• art palette with paintName: Julie Lewis Stephen
    Subject: Art
    Welcome to Art Classes at East Forsyth Middle.  I teach art classes to 6th grades, 7th grades and 8th grades every day on a rotating A-Day and B-Day schedule.
        Your child will experience and learn about art ,art history, perceiving the world in many different ways through their artistic expressions &  explore with different types of mediums. We will also be integrating other areas of the curriculum through art.
         There will be an opportunity for 7th and 8th grade art students to sign up for Art Club which will start after first quarter. This club will meet after school and we will  begin designing and creating sets for the spring musical- "Alice in Wonderland" as a branch of the East Fosyth Theatre Company. (Days will be announced later.) If interested, please pick up an application with Ms. Stephen- Room 500.