Graph Equity & Accountability

    Department Vision:

    The WS/FCS Equity & Accountability Department empowers leaders to engage in informed decision-making. 

    Department Mission:

    The WS/FCS Equity & Accountability Department provides information and services to education stakeholders through project development and design, data analysis and interpretation, and consultation. 

    Department Core Values:

    • Service to students
    • Be accountable
    • Equity and respect
    • Collaborative Team
    • Transparency

    The Equity & Accountability Department is responsible for activities related to both internal and external research studies and program evaluations. These activities include projects of interest to the Superintendent and Board of Education. The department also oversees Grants administration, as well as offering guidance to staff applying for competitive Grants. Equity & Accountability oversees research review requests, which is the approval process for external researchers (including college/university students) to conduct studies involving students, parents, teachers and/or other staff. The Equity & Accountability Department is currently involved in evaluation projects for several large grants including 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Innovative Approaches to Literacy (Reading Railroad Express), and United Way of Forsyth County initiatives.




Last Modified on October 13, 2020