• SIT 2018-19 Members 
     Members of the SIT committee for 2018/2019 are listed below.
    Dr Gladstone, Principal
    Dr Bowling, Assistant Principal
    Ms Hunter, Assistant Principal
    Ms Howard, Guidance Counselor
    Instructional Facilitators:
    Ms Clayman
    Ms Jones
    Grade Level Teacher Representatives:
    Ms Lynch, Kindergarten
    Ms Owens, First Grade
    Ms Rulon, Second Grade
    Ms Smith, Third Grade
    Ms Miller, Fourth Grade
    Ms Reasoner, Fifth Grade
    Classified Staff:
    Ms Gordon, Home/Family School Coordinator
    Ms Melton, Teacher Assistant
    Specialist and Special Area Teachers:
    Ms Brock, Music
    Ms Burrow, ESL
    Ms Carter, Library/Media Coordinator
    Parent Liaison:
    Ms Aiken
Last Modified on May 22, 2019